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Welcome To Costume Alibi!

This is your online store for many varieties of adult and sexy attire, plus women's swimwear. We carry men's, women's and children's costumes; as well as masks, footwear, and accessories. Are you looking for adult and sexy costumes in various themes or genres? Please check out Costume Alibi's adult and children's selections: funny, 50s, 60s, or 70s costumes, pirate, scary, action heroes, pimp daddy, holiday, Star Wars, Greek and Roman, Medieval, wigs and around the world costumes. So fit yourself for a completely new look or just have some outrageous fun, with our many selections of adult and sexy outfits. Costume Alibi is your source for high quality adult and children's costumes at the right price.

We offer adult and sexy costumes for men: pirates, retro, star wars, medieval, haunted house, action heroes, and international picks as well. The adult and sexy costumes for the ladies are: story book, angel or devil, beer maids, fairy, historical, gangster, military, sports, retro, working women and international too. To complete the sexy outfit we have costume: gloves, hats, petticoats, purses, stockings, weapons, wigs, wings, special ties and necklaces too. Some of the masks are: Mardi Gras, Venetian mask, black cat mask, and Grandma funny woman. We have all the boots, shoes, wigs, masks, and other accessories you could ever want or need to go to the party in style and looking sexy!